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This website is owned and operated by Eugene Macri otherwise known as "Guido." Gene Macri is aPhoto of Eugene Macri well known aquatic and environmental scientist and fly fisherman. He has fly fished for over 40 years from the streams of Western Pennsylvania to the rivers of the West. He now lives in south-central Pennsylvania where the fabled limestone spring creeks flow. You need only look at the photo section to tell who some of his fishing buddies are and he won't belabor the point. He has been instrumental in protecting these streams over the last 30 years. His research with Dr. Jack Black help close the Big Spring Hatchery and place it on the road to recovery. He is a member of the Letort Regulars and the Fly Fishers' Club of Harrisburg. He has taught fly fishing and aquatic biology at the Masters of Fly Fishing School with his friend Lefty Kreh and others. He has also taught college. He is also a professional fly fishing instructor and guide. His article with Charlie Fox, Reflections with Charlie Fox appeared in his fly fishing publication, Ecolines and was also published in the Fly Fishers' Club of Harrisburg's Limestone Legends by Stackpole. He is also executive director and chief scientist for the newly formed conservation organization, The Last River and Gamekeeper ( ). The only true scientific organization dedicated to fishermen and hunters. Please visit the site for more info. He also is a private environmental consultant for a variety of organizations in the private, public and nonprofit areas ( ). Gene is also a professional riverkeeper on certain private waters. He is a graphic artist and also a professional photographer and is responsible for this site as well as many others. He invites your comments below.


Guiding and Fly Fishing Instruction with Gene Macri
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