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Nymph Fly Resources

A great list of fly fishing information about nymph fishing, wet fly fishing, dry fly fishing, streamer fishing and everything else for the educated fly fisherman.

  • The premier website for spring creek fly fishing. Includes rating system as well as descriptions and analysis of the streams.
  • The website for Big Spring Creek near Newville Pa.  Includes directions, analysis, patterns, methods, stream conditions as well as what is happening on the stream.
  • The website for the nonprofit that helps fishermen, hunters, and naturalist. Give it a hit and consider a donation to keep up the fight.
  • The scientific website which exposes the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's problems including the massives studies on Big Spring. Includes videos, podcast, scientific papers and hosts of other documents. Please stop by and find out for yourself what actually happened on Big Spring.
  • Gene Macri's professional website for research, consulting, and instruction.
  • Everything you need to know about brook trout including scientific studies.
  • Get the techniques, methods, and stream reports on this famous limestone spring creek near Carlisle PA.
  • The hardest fish stream in the country. Learn the best techniques, fishing methods, stream conditions, fishing pressure and secrets for this stream.
  • Get the latest stream conditions, hot flies, methods and stream reports for this little limestone stream near Chambersburg PA.
  • The number 1 destination for fly fisherman. Large cache of articles on everything from fly selection, entomolgy, fly tying, tackle selection, dry flies, wet flies, streamers, spring creek tackle, spring creek flies and everything else needed by fly anglers. 






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