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The Nymph Fly:
The Most Effective Fly 

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The Nymph fly and nymph fly fishing is probably the most consistent way of catching trout and other game fish. The reason for this is simple: trout and other game fish spend most of their time feeding underwater either Black Nymph at www.nymphfly.infoat the bottom or in the layers going to the top.  For the most part this is the most efficient and energy saving method.  Nymph fly fishing is also the most difficult and requires the most skill and the most practice of the main fly fishing methods which include dry fly fishing, wet fly fishing and streamer fishing. 

Trout however, can be just as and sometimes more selective when feeding on nymphs than on the adult flies.  Nymph fishing has evolved over the years and there are many schools of thought on what are the best methods. Fly fisherman should realize that there is no "magic formula" for fishing nymphs contrary to what many fly fishing internet pundits and those on the magazine and book circuit have proclaimed.  Nymphs are effective simply because trout and other game fish feed on them more than any other stage of insect in most streams.  There are exceptions however including certain species of trout in streams which are not rich where the trout feed mainly on terrestrial insects in the summer.

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One of the great debates is whether to use an indicator or not when fishing nymphs.  This is one of those debates that is more academic than piscatorial.  Whatever works for you is usually the rule of thumb.  However, when fishing big water especially out West I find the difference between watching the colored end of your fly line or some bright colored knot or object elsewhere on the leader without merit. What is the big difference? On big water and larger heavier streams some type of indicator will help you locate the leader and put less strain on your eyes. It should also be noted that the indicators don't always work on some streams because the fish are just too quick especially on spring creeks.  Here the fly angler must develop his 6th sense which comes with time and practice. So book mark us at because you will find everything you need to know about nymphs and nymph fishing on this site. Sign up for our free nymph fly fishing and other fly fishing newsletters below:

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