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Trout Fly Patterns: Nymphs Best Patterns Volume 1
Eugene Macri

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Trout fly patterns--which are the best nymphs to carry that's the question I'm usually asked by fly fisherman just starting in nymph fishing. Of course, this is a dissertation within itself and there is no simple answer because you want to carry the trout fly nymph patterns that match your stream's insect etc. However, I can tell you some patterns that you must have and why. So here it goes my best nymph patterns volume 1:

Macri's Best Nymph Patterns
Volume 1

  • Hare's Ear Gold Ribbed Nymph: One of the best nymph patterns for a suggestive pattern there is period!  Works any time of the year.  You can get around 6 different patterns by varying the color of rabbit fur and mixing it with sulfur and olive fur.  I like nymphs in sizes 8-18. Works on any trout stream in the world!
  • Sawyer's Pheasant Tail Nymph:  The best pattern for Baetis nymphs and other small Blue Winged Olives and related species. I like the fly in sizes 12-20. An exceptional pattern on spring creeks.
  • Sulfur Nymph: The Sulfur nymph (Ephemerella mayflies) is one of the most widely distributed group of mayflies on trout streams in the world.  Sizes 12-18 are best and emergers patterns too! The best overall nymph for Eastern fly fishing.
  • San Juan Worm: Yes, Marylou they hit these things and hit them and keep on hitting them.  I like them in a variety of colors from natural brown to red to white etc. Tie some on English bait hooks and some on straight hooks.  Some anglers may scoff at these flies but that's okay because by arms are tired from landing fish on them!  I like sizes for 6 to 18. Works just about on any trout stream and imitate a lot worm like stuff on the bottom of streams from midge larvae to natural aquatic worms.
  • Wooly Worm: Yes, an old favorite but a fly that works well. I like them in all colors in sizes 6-16.  They can be used as attractor patterns in the brighter colors and the darker colors can actually imitate a lot of stream invertebrates.
  • Green Caddis Emerger: This fly can be fished in most streams in the US.  Hydropsyche  and its relatives are well represented in the streams and rivers.  Use a variety of colors for the green and you have a great emerger pattern.  The wings on the side should be fairly dark. Sizes 10-16 usually are best.
  • Muskrat Nymph: This nymph or similar nymphs (Casual Dress) are probably responsible for more early season trout than any other fly.  Works well East or West.  I like sizes 6-16.
  • Large Black Stonefly: The standard tie or related ties of the Large Black Stonefly work well on most fast water streams. On some stream these flies are not in great abundance but the trout defintely know what they are about.  Sizes 6-16 because it has a two year life cycle and there are many different sizes in most rivers.
  • Prince Nymph: The Prince Nymph (and bead head versions) is a good attractor and sometimes suggestive nymph pattern.  Sizes 6-
    18 depending upon where you fish.  It works everywhere.
  • Medium Brown Fur Nymph: A simple pattern of rabbit fur with and some mottled hackle for legs and you have a general color pattern that imitates about 65% of the mayflies in a stream or river.  Sizes 8-18 and you are in business. Works everywhere well!
  • Tellico Nymph: A great attractor pattern also imitates some caddis and stonefly nymphs. I like sizes 8-16.
  • Zug Bug: The old classic still works although many fly anglers don't use it enough.  It's great on droppers and rigss.  I like sizes 8-16.

Well that does it. A great list of nymphs you should never be without! Next time we'll hit you with volume two!!!

Prince Nymph A good attractor pattern from







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