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  • Nymph fly fishing techniques including upstream, quartering upstream, downstream, and Czech nymphing.
  • Nymph flies and nymph fishing is the most consistent way of catching trout.
  • Long rods for nymph fly fishing give the fly angler many advantages including control, drift, and more hooked fish.
  • The theory and practice of short line, high stick nymph fishing for trout.
  • Nymph patterns for the fly fisherman how to choose them.
  • Nymph patterns and the best nymph patterns for fly fisherman.
  • Nymph fly fishing equipment selection for different types of streams and rivers.
  • A simplified method of selecting and using nymph leaders for trout fishing.
  • The pros and cons of using indicators in nymph fly fishing as well as the various types of nymph indicators.
  • Fly fishing guiding and instruction on south central PA limestone spring creeks and freestone stream with Eugene Macri.
  • nymph fly contacts for
  • Nymph fly resources for the fly fishermen including flies, streams, wet fly fishing, dry fishing and methods.
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